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Typical Sober Living Medication Policy Template

  1. Medication Management and Notification:
    1. Residents must inform the house management of all current medications upon admission and any changes thereafter.
    2. Medications must be verified with staff, and residents are responsible for presenting all medications for inspection.
  2. Medication Possession and Usage:
    1. Medication must be taken strictly as prescribed by a healthcare provider.
    2. Residents are prohibited from sharing or handling medications that are prescribed to others.
  3. Monitoring and Verification:
    1. The facility reserves the right to check a resident's property for medications and to verify medication counts at any time.
    2. Residents must report any changes in their medication regimen, including new medications, dosage changes, or discontinuations.
  4. Controlled Substances and Narcotic Medications:
    1. Any narcotic or controlled medications must have prior written approval from facility leadership.
    2. Possession or use of narcotics without approval can lead to serious consequences, including potential removal from the program.
  5. Responsibility for Medication Information:
    1. Residents are accountable for providing accurate information about their medications, including the name, dosage, and prescribing physician.
  6. Emergency Medication Administration:
    1. In emergencies, lifesaving medications may be administered by trained individuals to unconscious patients if acting in good faith and under reasonable assumptions of life jeopardy.
    2. Post-administration, appropriate medical help must be summoned, and the individual must stay with the patient until a higher level of care arrives.
  7. Compliance with Legal and Health Regulations:
    1. Any administration of lifesaving medications must comply with local health regulations and reporting requirements.
    2. In cases of suspected overdoses, particularly opioids, the facility must notify the appropriate health department as per local state rules.


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*Disclaimer: This document is provided as a template and is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be and does not constitute legal advice. We are not a law firm and are not providing legal services. We make no warranties, representations, or guarantees about the legal or other consequences of using this document. The use of this template does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Laws and regulations vary by jurisdiction and may be subject to interpretation by different courts. The information in this template may not conform to the laws of your area. We strongly advise you to consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction to ensure that all legal requirements are met for your particular situation and that your document is tailored to your needs.