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Don't just take it from us!

"You are going to see more success by using Sobriety Hub. If you aren't sold, call me."

Eric Parra, PluggedIn Recovery (150+ Beds)

"It's super easy to navigate... everything that I need I can do on Sobriety Hub. I couldn't give you a higher evaluation."

Dawn Smith, Executive Director, Hilljack House (38 beds)

"I love Sobriety Hub... I have been wanting this since 6 months in... different companies just weren't the right fit. I would highly recommend it to any other sober living."

Megan Cosgrove, Founder, Roseway Recovery House (54 beds)

"I'm not going to name any companies names, but I did demos of a lot... but when I got to Sobriety Hub, I knew at that moment it was the right fit... so easy to use"

Brandon Fitch, Founder, The Retreat Sober Living (13 beds)

"Sobriety Hub has been super, super helpful to us... one of the coolest parts of Sobriety Hub is how affordable it is... It's accessible and I think your mission meets with mine."

Steve Whitston, Owner, Elevate Recovery ATX (28 beds)

"It's been great. To be able to look at my phone quickly and see whose in the house, get their emergency contact, see how they're doing is super helpful!"

Jaclyn Lewin, Co-owner of Women's Housing, Safe House Sober Living

"Detailed organized platform for me to have everything I need on one screen is hard to beat. Being able to use this has been absolutely phenomenal... saves me a lot of time. Huge fan."

Adam Moulton, Founder, Reverence House

"Everything's in my phone. It's very beneficial. If you have a sober living I would highly recommend that you get Sobriety Hub. I've tried other ones and Sobriety Hub is the easiest."

Nick Conner, Founder, Safe House Sober Living

"Sobriety Hub was a no-brainer... I can review a guys notes in Sobriety Hub and when I go see him I have a better connection with him... it's a testament to you guys and your software"

Bill Seward, Founder, Rise Above Sober Homes