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Sobriety Hub

Prison Reentry Software

Automate and streamline your reentry program today with Sobriety Hub

Your residents information, all in one place...

Reentry program managers can intuitively keep track of all their clients; and all of their information is available at the tip of your fingers.

  • Legal history
  • Emergency and case manager contacts
  • Medical history
  • Individual files
  • Drug Tests (UA Logs)

  • Medication Logs

  • Chores, Check-ins, Recovery Meetings
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...&  your program information, all in one place

Invite your managers, monitor your program, automate your payments, and track your outcomes.

Resident Page All your residents color-coded by house and organized by incoming residents, current, or discharged
Houses Tab
House Page At a glance view of the occupancy and capacity of each house in your organization/program
Alumni Page
Alumni Page See all your discharged residents at a glance and view their discharge details
House Detail Page
House Detail Page Track inventory and create house events where you can tag the residents
Event Types

Event Types including UAs, breathalyzers, meds, meetings, mood, chores, infractions, and more!

Files Tab
Files System create, share, sign PDFs, documents, and excel sheets, and tag them to residents
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 Payments/ Rent Automate payments with ACH, Debit/Credit, or CashApp
  • Automated payments
  • Occupancy tracking
  • Log program events
  • Invite managers (and customize their permissions)
  • Outcome tracking


Made for Mobile

You and your employees can sign into Sobriety Hub and do everything on-the-go via your mobile device. 

The Best Testimonials

"I love Sobriety Hub... I have been wanting this since 6 months in... different companies just weren't the right fit. I would highly recommend it"

Megan Cosgrove, Founder, Roseway Recovery House

"Sobriety Hub has been super, super helpful to us... one of the coolest parts of Sobriety Hub is how affordable it is... It's accessible and I think your mission meets with mine."

Steve Whitston, Owner, Elevate Recovery ATX

"It's super easy to navigate... everything that I need I can do on Sobriety Hub. I couldn't give you a higher evaluation."

Dawn Smith, Executive Director, Hilljack House

 No setup fee. Sign up and start today. 

A Simple monthly Subscription Fee

$5 per bed per month

Sobriety Hub pricing is simple and transparent, just like the app.