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 No setup fee. Sign up and start today. 

A Simple monthly Subscription Fee

$3 per bed per month

Sobriety Hub pricing is simple and transparent, just like the app. 
What if have more than 50 beds? 

If you have over 50 beds, you get a little discount! Each Bed over 50 is only $2 / bed!

For example, if you have 51 beds under management, you would pay 3*50 + 2*1 = $152 per month. 

Another example: If you have 125 beds under management, you would pay 3*50 + 75*2 = $300 per month. 

Will you set it up for me?

Sure, we can set everything up for you with our turn-key concierge plan. 

This plan includes offloading your data from your current systems and getting it into Sobriety Hub, a whole team demo, and 4 weekly training sessions. 

Fees for this service will vary based on complexity. 

If you are interested in our concierge setup services, please contact, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Will your price stay the same forever?

Unlikely. Sobriety Hub's current fee is meant to be reasonable and accessible to all those who need it. However, price increases may occur in the future. When price increases do occur, benefits will be given to early adopters who signed up in our fledgling stages.