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Our Features

Client Bios Organize Your Program

Save emergency Contacts, Admit dates, House Privileges, Chores, Meds, Legal History, and more. 

Program Overview Holds Managers Accountable

Track maintenance, inventory, & house events. Filter between houses, incoming / current / discharged. 

User Management - Custom Permissions

Custom User permissions, and unlimited users. 

(NEW) Custom Forms

CUSTOM INTAKE FORMS: Simplify the resident intake process and create tailored resident profiles with ease.
VERSATILE GENERAL FORMS: Manage everything from overnight passes to meeting attendance, all customizable to your facility's unique needs.
EVIDENCE-BASED BARC-10 SURVEY: Deploy recovery assessments to Clients and Strengthen Your grant applications.

Directory Listing Fills Your Beds

Real-time bed Availability on our directory, integrated application links, backlinks for SEO. 

Payments Automate Revenue Collection

Autopay, Automatic Invoicing with support for all major banks, credit cards, and Cash App Pay

Cloud Storage Connects Files to Clients

Shared Cloud Storage with Everyone in your organization, Sign-able Files, Custom file manager.

Outcomes Tracking Gets You More Grants

Length of Stay Distribution, Successful Discharge Reports, Probation / Parole outcomes, and more.

Made For Mobile Helps Your Team Work on the Go

Every aspect of Sobriety Hub - viewable at the tip of your fingers.