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How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions


My current system works okay.. why do I need Sobriety Hub?

Sobriety Hub is built from the ground up to make running a sober living home more efficient, more profitable, and more enjoyable. 

Not only will Sobriety Hub save you time and money, but our current customers also report that Sobriety Hub is "simply a joy to use."

Thanks to our intuitive UI, relentless hours spent interviewing sober living owners and operators, and thoughtful layout, Sobriety Hub truly makes owning a Sober Living fun

Sobriety Hub is made by addicts, for addicts. So you know that every feature was made out of our lived experience, both living and working in sober living. 

How secure is my resident's data?

All resident and user data is stored on an encrypted AWS database. 

Identifiable resident data will never be shared with anyone. 

Our goal at Sobriety Hub is to provide a trustworthy and consistent service, and we take data security very seriously. 

For additional inquiries, please reach out to

Does it work on my phone?

Yes. Sobriety Hub is completely mobile-friendly. 

Anything you can do on the desktop web app, you can also do from the tips of your fingers on any smartphone. 

What is Sobriety Hub?

Sober Living Homes are non-clinical facilities where people go to recover from addiction, usually after rehab. Sober Living homes all keep track of rent collections, drug tests, recovery meetings, mood reports, etc. 

Sadly, there is no adequate solution to help Sober Living Owners and operators to manage their homes. Sobriety Hub is the common solution. It’s purpose-built for sober living homes.

Sober Living Owners using Sobriety Hub report that Sobriety Hub is “exactly what they've been waiting for.”

Sobriety Hub is founded by two individuals with a passion for recovery.