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About Us



  • Expertise in Software Development
  • Experience Working in Sober Living
  • Passion for Addiction Recovery 

Patrick J. Kennedy


Former Congressman & Renowned Advocate for Addiction Recovery

ATG2-116 (1)

Clay Canfield


Head of Product Architecture & Customer Connections


Joey Lanfersieck


Head of Product Development and Software Engineering

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Andrew Carpenter

"The Secret Weapon"

Software Engineer

Why We Do IT

Our mission

Sobriety Hub was inspired by a feeling of disgust; disgust that you can get better data analytics on your last TikTok post than you can in modern-day sober living software. 

There are thousands of sober living homes across the United States with filing cabinets full of client information. Yet, there is no way to extract meaningful insights from recovery data because very little is stored in a digital, standardized format.

Our mission is to set a new standard by providing an intuitive solution built from the ground up for sober living owners, operators, and managers. 

Core values

Sober Living and Recovery Homes save lives. So naturally, Sobriety Hub's core value is serving you (sober living homeowners and operators), saving you time and money so that you can focus on providing the best experience for your residents. 

At Sobriety Hub, we value transparency and fairness. That's why our pricing structure is so simple and clear.

We hope that Sobriety Hub will be accessible to all who need it and become the universally loved, gold standard for sober living homes across the world.