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15 Most Common Recovery Residence Rules

  1. Chore Responsibilities: Residents are assigned weekly chores that must be completed as specified. Failure to comply can result in penalties, including restricted privileges or termination.
  2. Mandatory Meetings: Residents must attend weekly house meetings without exception to ensure compliance with community standards and updates.
  3. Property Restrictions: No unauthorized furniture or items are to be brought into the house. Personal and communal spaces must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  4. Substance Use Prohibition: Zero tolerance policy for the use of drugs, alcohol, or any mind-altering substances. Violations will result in immediate dismissal.
  5. Medication Management: Residents must manage their own medications and consume them strictly as prescribed. Unauthorized handling or consumption of medication is grounds for severe penalties.
  6. Quiet Hours and Visitor Rules: Specific times are designated for quiet hours. Visitors are restricted and must be approved by house leadership in advance. No overnight guests are allowed without specific permission.
  7. Employment and Activity Requirements: Residents are required to be employed, enrolled in educational programs, or actively seeking employment. Regular updates on employment status must be provided to house leadership.
  8. Curfew and Overnight Stays: Curfews are enforced strictly, with different times for weekdays and weekends. Overnight passes are subject to approval based on compliance with house rules and personal responsibility.
  9. Behavioral Expectations: Respectful and appropriate behavior is expected at all times. This includes no violence, threats, or theft. Failure to behave accordingly may result in penalties or dismissal.
  10. Smoking Restrictions: Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas. No smoking is allowed inside the house at any time.
  11. Meeting Attendance: Residents are required to attend a minimum number of recovery or support group meetings weekly, with required documentation such as signed meeting slips.
  12. Dress Code and Personal Conduct: Residents must dress appropriately and avoid clothing with offensive logos or messages. Personal conduct should reflect the values of respect and responsibility.
  13. Privacy and Searches: Leadership has the right to access personal areas and conduct searches to ensure compliance with house rules.
  14. Financial Responsibility: Residents are responsible for managing their financial obligations, including timely payment of fees associated with living at the facility.
  15. Incident Reporting: Any violations of house rules or concerning behavior by other residents must be reported immediately to the staff or house manager.

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