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What to Look for in Reentry Management Software

If you're managing a reentry program, or thinking of starting one, you know there's many challenges. Reentry program software offers powerful tools for these programs to run more efficiently. Keep reading to discover some key features to consider when choosing the best software for your organization:

1. Comprehensive Case Management

A reentry program software should have comprehensive case management features. This means the ability to track a participant's progress through the reentry program, as well as their housing, employment, social support, and contacts. Depending on your program, UA logs, mood reports, and house privileges may also be important to record.

For a good example of comprehensive case management functionality, reference this video of Sobriety Hub Software:


2. Data Security and Privacy

Given the sensitive nature of the information involved, robust data security and privacy measures are non-negotiable in reentry program software. Encryption and security measures should be in place to protect data from unauthorized access.

3. Customizable Permissions

More often than not, running a reentry program involves a team of case workers, mental health professionals, job trainers, and mentors. Customizable permissions on your reentry software allows for each member or your team to work efficiently, while protecting residents information. 

Sobriety Hub does custom permissions and offers a great example of what to look for:


4. Files Management

Running a reentry program means a lot of paperwork and files to keep track of. Whether it's for the individual residents or the program itself, being able to digitize your paperwork and keep them all in one place is essential. A good reentry software will also allow for tagging of files to individual residents to keep everything organized.

Here's an example of a robust files management system integrated into Sobriety Hub's software: 



5. Ease of Use

No matter how feature-packed a piece of software is, it's of little use if it's not user-friendly. Your team will probably have people of varying tech skills, so an intuitive interface that's easy to navigate will be beneficial for everyone. This will reduce training time and increase overall efficiency.


6. Reliable Customer Support and Training

All services should have reliable customer support, especially a software program that's used independently. Quick response times and willingness to problem solve are a must with customer support for a management software. Tutorial videos and one-on-one trainings provided by the software company are also important.

7. Affordability

The main purpose of a reentry program is not to make money; it's to help people get back on their feet after tough times. The best reentry software will understand this mission and be cost-effective.

Conclusion: Automate Your Reentry Program Today with Sobriety Hub

As seen from the examples, Sobriety Hub is the best reentry software that fits all these needs. Intuitive and easy to use, with Sobriety Hub you can:

  • Keep track of individual residents and their legal history, contacts, medical history, files and more
  • Manage your programs payments, capacity, and alumni
  • Invite managers (and customize their permissions)
  • See the effectiveness of your program through outcomes tracking

All for just $3 per bed, per month, with no sign up fees. See it for yourself and get started with Sobriety Hub today, or schedule a demo to learn more!