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Sobriety Hub named Most Disruptive Startup by Poets & Quants

Sobriety Hub was identified as one of the most disruptive business school startups of 2022. 

The feature writes: 

"Take Clayton Canfield, a senior at Washington University’s Olin Business School. During a break from school, Canfield worked at a sober living home, which he describes as a “halfway between inpatient treatment (rehab centers) and normal life.” In theory, people manage their recovery, while operators track items like meeting attendance, resident chores, and even rent payments. However, Canfield was stunned to learn he could gain more data from a Tik Tok post than any monitoring software. That motivated him to develop Sobriety Hub, an operations management software designed specifically for sober living homes. In the short term, Canfield plans to become the “de facto choice” for these homes. Long-term, he envisions a different play.

'We hope to be able to provide aggregate, anonymized data sets for universities to practice data science, ultimately revealing important insights into behavioral health,' he tells P&Q. For instance, how does recovery meeting attendance determine recovery outcomes? Is there a statistically significant relationship between involvement in 12-step recovery and passed drug tests? Today, no one has the data to sufficiently answer these questions; we are hoping to change that.'"