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How we Get Insurance to Pay for Sober Living

...The Chicken and Egg Problem in Sober Housing

Anyone who has worked or lived in sober housing knows that high-quality sober living programs can create significantly better outcomes than the revolving doors of 30-day inpatient programs. 

So why doesn’t sober housing get the funding we all know it deserves? And how do we intend to fix that?

The answer is a lack of data. 

We need to show major funders, like insurance companies, Medicaid, and charitable foundations (with data!) what we already know is true: that sober housing actually works. 

This is the chicken and egg problem in sober housing. On one hand, Sober living programs are chronically underfunded because they do not have sufficient data to demonstrate to payers that they deserve financial support. And on the other hand, because sober living programs have been chronically underfunded, they do not have the resources to afford sufficient data tracking technology. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle. 

Sobriety Hub’s mission is to break this cycle of chronic underfunding in sober housing by pricing our software (with data tracking) to be accessible to any sober living home. Our mission is to break the cycle of chronic lack of resources in sober housing by being the pioneer aggregator of sober living outcomes; these data are the key for sober living homes to finally get the funding they deserve. 

When you sign up for Sobriety Hub, you begin tracking outcomes immediately - outcomes that can demonstrate the effectiveness of your program, and of sober housing as a whole.  

Together, we will show insurance companies that sober living works, that these programs reduce the chances that residents will have to go back to treatment (which insurance has to pay for), and that everyone will benefit from investment in high-quality sober living programs. 

If you operate a sober living program, start tracking resident outcomes data with Sobriety Hub today.