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Sobriety Hub

The #1 tool for smart sober living homes. Sobriety Hub enables you to spend less time filing client information and more time serving those clients. Our solution is developed by people in recovery for people in recovery.
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Why choose Sobriety Hub?

It just works

Sobriety Hub is built from the ground up to help sober living owners and managers intuitively track their clients, houses, and programs. All of your house and client information is available at the tip of your fingers.

By addicts, for addicts

Sobriety Hub is founded and operated by individuals in recovery from addiction. We are not serial entrepreneurs looking to squeeze pennies out of hard-working sober living homes.

Simple on the front-end, powerful on the back-end

Behind the scenes, our data scientists are utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning technology to uncover trends in the addiction recovery field giving you access to real-time operations, automated consulting tools, and referral + expansion recommendations.


Honesty is a critical foundation in recovery. Sobriety Hub embraces a transparent approach, enabling owners to hold both their employees and their clients accountable, while giving owners an unprecedented view of how their facilities compare to others.

Core Features

Client Management

Mood reports

House privileges

Drug test (UA) log

Meeting attendance

Progress in recovery

House Management

Maintenance requests

Crisis notifications

Incoming client notifications

Alumni management


Outcomes Tracking

Progress in recovery

Chore completion rate

Employment status

Avg. length of stay

UA pass rates

Rent Tracking

Custom client payment plans

Payment status

Outstanding balance reminders

Special Features

Benchmarking Hub

Directly compare your business and client outcomes to other facilities & see how your sober home stacks up

UA Logs

Newsfeed style view of all your clients drug test results. View a clients UA history & pass rates

Multi-house management

Birds eye view of all houses in your program, see how their client and financial outcomes compare

Automated Consulting

Tailored insights into your facilities ability to expand operations based on quantifiable outcomes
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