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3 Golden Mini Tips for Grant Writing

  1. Expect to spend more time doing preliminary research than actually writing or working on the grant. 

    According to industry experts and foundation decision-makers, OVER half of your work in the grant seeking process lies in the preparatory phase. Familiarizing yourself with the grant application and discerning what the foundation is arguably the most important factor in writing a grant that SPEAKS to its audience and is truly aligned with the foundation's goals. 

  2. Get Letters of Support from Established community members who would benefit from you getting the grant. 

    These letters can significantly strengthen your proposal. The ideal people to approach are beneficiaries of the grant or those who understand its potential impact. Their endorsement can provide a candid testimonial of the importance of awarding the grant to your organization. Focus groups and testimonials in multimedia format, like videos, can provide powerful examples of the impact you could create with additional resources. 

  3. Sustainability Plan - Demonstrate that your impact will continue on long after the money stops flowing. 

    This is crucial. You need to show that even after the grant is used up and the funds are gone, that you will be able to have an ongoing positive influence on the community. Foundations want to ensure that their investment bears fruit even after their funding concludes. Therefore, delineate a strategy showcasing how the project or initiative will sustain itself once the grant money is exhausted.