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๐Ÿš๏ธโœจ A Remodeled Church Turned Sober Living in Rural Kentucky ๐ŸŽ

Had a fantastic interview with one of our favorite customers, Brandon Fitch, today. Brandon runs The Retreat Sober Living down in Aurora, Kentucky.
In this interview, Brandon discusses his personal experience with addiction and recovery, which inspired him to work in the field of sober living. The Retreat Sober Living is unique due to its remote location, which helps residents avoid temptations while focusing on recovery. Support groups and other recovery resources are available both in-house and within a short distance from the facility.
The Retreat aims to provide a comfortable, home-like environment for residents, with amenities like a large family room, movie room, and plans for a recreation area. Most residents have private rooms, with some shared rooms and a dorm-style area for those who cannot afford a private space initially. The Retreat uses Sobriety Hub software to help manage chores, drug testing, and other aspects of the program. Brandon is particularly impressed with the simplicity and ease of use of the software, which allows him and his staff to access information quickly and efficiently.
In his five-year plan for The Retreat, Brandon hopes to create an even more structured, comfortable environment for residents, akin to a "summer camp" where they can enjoy various activities while focusing on their recovery. He expresses gratitude for the support he has received from his co-founder, Brian, as well as the assistance provided by Sobriety Hub software.


0:35 Inspiration

1:46 Why is the house in a remote location?

4:45 Unique services

6:50 How do you create a family feel in your recovery house?

10:00 Goals for the future

11:20 How do you use Sobriety Hub?

14:55 Brandon's Shout Outs!