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Intuitive Sober Living House Management Software

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Sobriety Hub vs One Step vs Behave Health

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Software Features


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What Do Sober Living Owners Think?

"It's super easy to navigate... everything that I need I can do on Sobriety Hub. I couldn't give (Sobriety Hub) a higher evaluation."

Dawn Smith, Executive Director, Hilljack House

"I've tried other ones (sober living softwares) and Sobriety Hub is the easiest."

Nick Conner, Founder, Safe House Sober Livings

"I love Sobriety Hub... different companies just weren't the right fit. I would highly recommend it to any other sober living."

Megan Cosgrove, Founder, Roseway Recovery House

The Sobriety Hub Advantage

Client Bios Organize Your Program

Save emergency Contacts, Admit dates, House Privileges, Chores, Meds, Legal History, and more. 

Payments Automate Revenue Collection

Autopay, Automatic Invoicing with support for all major banks, credit cards, and Cash App Pay

Outcomes Tracking Gets You More Grants

Length of Stay Distribution, Successful Discharge Reports, Probation / Parole outcomes, and more.

Directory Listing Fills Your Beds

Real-time bed Availability on our directory, integrated application links, backlinks for SEO. 

Cloud Storage Connects Files to Clients

Shared Cloud Storage with Everyone in your organization, Sign-able Files, Custom file manager.

Program Overview Holds Managers Accountable

Track maintenance, inventory, & house events. Filter between houses, incoming / current / discharged. 

We'll Move you to Sobriety Hub - for Free!

Thinking about transitioning but feeling overwhelmed? Our expert migration team is here to assist you with importing your clients, reconstructing your payments, and moving your files —all for free. We're prepared to support your setup process, ensuring you're equipped to fully utilize all the features we provide and start effectively right away