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Together AZ - A New Sober Living Software is On the Block

Sober living homes are community-based facilities where individuals go to advance their recovery from addiction. Usually, people go to sober living after they get out of inpatient treatment.

Currently sober living homes are structured in a way that makes it difficult to extract and evaluate business and recovery data with reference to their clients in house and across these privately run businesses.

The unmet need in sober living homes is that some owners do not have the technology to efficiently organize and track their operations. This makes it challenging to track client’s progress in recovery and run an efficient business.

Sobriety Hub is an all-in-one software application that bridges the technology gap into sober living homes and business systems. Sober living owners and operators can use Sobriety Hub to improve both their business performance and client-care. For the first time, sober living owners will be able to uncover trends in their information, gain business insights — such as where to cut costs and how to expand — and to see how their outcomes compare to other facilities.
The concept is to change the old pen and paper bookkeeping into an efficient platform, bringing awareness to the often-outdated data collection, storage, and analysis that currently takes place in independent sober living home.

Sober living homes predominately operate in a “pre-internet” world, with most facilities still collecting data on pen and paper, excel, or google sheets. The level of innovation is low, and fast-moving technological advancements are not occurring. Until now.

Our mission at Sobriety Hub is to provide a convenient, easy to use, and low-cost service to sober living homes. Sobriety Hub markets its software accordingly with their mission to provide a software at a significant discount compared to alternatives. Sobriety Hub would save its users ~4 hours per month, attract 1 or 2 more residents annually, and, most importantly, provide better visibility and clarity into resident’s wellness and recovery progress. Learn more at