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The Quest for Quality House Managers: 3 Tactics for Sober Living Homes

At the heart of any successful sober living home is an effective house manager who ensures the smooth running of the facility, enforces house rules, and fosters a sense of community. Finding the right house manager can be a challenging task.

In this blog post, we will explore where to look and what to consider, so that you can significantly improve your chances of finding the perfect house manager for your sober living home.

1. Consult Addiction Treatment Centers

Begin your search by tapping into your existing network of addiction treatment professionals, such as counselors, therapists, and support group leaders. These individuals are often well-connected within the recovery community and may be able to recommend suitable candidates for the house manager position. Additionally, reach out to other sober living home operators, as they may have come across potential house managers in their line of work.

Establishing relationships with local addiction treatment centers can be a valuable resource when searching for a house manager. Treatment centers often employ staff with experience in addiction recovery and may know of former employees or clients who would be a good fit for the house manager role.

2. Advertise on Recovery Forums

Post your house manager job opening on general job boards like Indeed or Glassdoor, but also focus on niche job boards or recovery forums specific to the addiction treatment field. Websites such as,, and industry-specific job boards can help you connect with candidates who have experience in the recovery community.

3. Consider Local Recovery Community Members

Individuals who have successfully navigated their own recovery journey and have been sober for an extended period may make excellent house managers. They possess firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced in recovery and can empathize with residents on a deeper level. Keep an eye out for potential candidates at local support group meetings or recovery events.


Finding the ideal house manager for your sober living home is an investment in the success of your residents and the overall facility. By utilizing your network, advertising in the right places, and partnering with local addiction treatment centers, you can improve your chances of discovering dedicated, experienced, and compassionate house managers who will contribute positively to your sober living community.