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Customer Spotlight ~ Spain Sober Living

Lawrence Spain is the main man in Austin recovery. He founded Spain Sober Living in 2018, inspired by the loss of a loved one due to substance use disorder and mental illness. With decades of experience in the mental health field, Spain felt that his knowledge and passion could be put to good use serving his community. Today, Spain Sober Living is one of the most effective sober living programs in Austin, providing support and resources to those who are ready to change their lives for the better.

Lawrence Spain is highly connected in the Austin recovery community and is dedicated to helping those in need. He recognizes that overcoming substance use disorder and mental illness can be a challenging and often lonely journey. That's why Spain Sober Living provides a supportive community where individuals from various backgrounds can connect and find the support they need. Spain Sober Living provides a full-time, on-site house manager to oversee residents and their recovery efforts. 

In addition to providing a supportive community, Spain Sober Living also offers a wide range of resources to help residents on their journey to recovery. These resources include access to therapy, support groups, and structured activities that help residents build new, healthy habits.

Spain Sober Living has recently expanded its offerings with the opening of Spain Three Pillars, a new house in partnership with Three Pillars Recovery. This new facility provides an even more supportive environment, with a focus on the three pillars of recovery: mind, body, and spirit. Residents are encouraged to take an active role in their recovery and are given the tools and resources they need to build a successful, substance-free life that addresses all aspects of their well-being.

Lawrence Spain's commitment to helping those in need is unwavering. He is passionate about supporting those who are ready to change their lives and is dedicated to providing the best possible resources and support. Spain Sober Living is making a real difference in the lives of those struggling with substance use disorder and mental illness, and we are proud to share their story with you.