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Directory For Residents to Find Sober Housing

How do you fill beds in your sober living home? How do you make the community aware that you exist? These are important questions for operating a sustainable business and helping as many people as possible in early recovery. 

One solution is to list your sober living home on public directories. Since we have so much website traffic, we decided to host a directory for sober living homes! The new directory (found at allows operators to list program info, display bed availability, contact information, and list their website! 

The Primary Benefits of Listing Your program on The Directory Include: 

Increased Visibility and Accessibility - By listing your program in the directory, you gain significant exposure to a targeted audience actively seeking sober living options. This increased visibility is vital in connecting operators with potential residents. 

Backlinks for SEO -  A listing in the directory from a relevant and reputable domain like provides a valuable backlink to your program's website. These backlinks are critical for search engine optimization (SEO), helping improve your website's ranking on search engines, signals to Google that your website is connected to relevant topics, and drives more organic traffic your way.

Real-Time Bed Availability and Application Links - The directory listing will include real time bed availability and a direct link to a resident application form (**please note: this benefit only applies to programs that are already using Sobriety Hub Software**) 

How It Works

The directory is not just a list; it's an integrated platform that syncs with our proprietary software, offering real-time bed availability and application links that automatically create incoming residents in the software.

If you use our software, you get a directory listing included, but you don't need to use our software to just get listed

This means that prospective residents can view up-to-date information on available spaces, ensuring timely and effective placement in a program that suits their needs. For residents, this translates into a user-friendly, public-facing application that simplifies finding the right program, at the right time.


In conclusion, the new directory for sober living homes is more than just a listing service; it's a comprehensive solution designed to connect residents with the right program while empowering providers with tools to manage and market their services effectively. By integrating real-time bed availability and offering value-added features like SEO backlinks and increased exposure, we are setting a new standard in the recovery industry. Join us in this exciting journey to make sober living more accessible, efficient, and impactful.